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MPSC - List of books Main Exam

The following are basic books/magazines, periodicals, newspapers that need to be studied/read with utmost care. These are the building bloocks for this exam:

  1. NCERT basic books level Std 6th to 12th for History, Geography, Science, Polity
  2. India’s Freedom Struggle – Bipan Chandra
  3. India After Independence – Bipan Chandra
  4. Introduction to Constitution of India – DD Basu
  5. India Year Book 2010 (Govt. of India publication)
  6. MainStream (Fortnighly magazine)
  7. Kurukshetra (Magazine)
  8. Yojna (Magazine)
  9. Times Of India/The Hindu (Daily Newspapers)

Arts Ghatak:

  1. NCERT Books 6th – 12th Std
  2. Aadhunik Bhartacha Itihas – Dr. JaiSingh Pawar
  3. Swatantra Bhartacha Itihas – Dr. SG Kolarkar
  4. Maharastratil Samaj Sudharak – by Study Circle
  5. Bhugol (India + Maharashtra) – by Study Circle
  6. Bhartiya Sanvidhan – BL Bhole
  7. Panchyat Raj – Yashvantrao Chavan Vidyapeeth Notes
  8. Panchayat Raj – Prof. Chamalwad
  9. J



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